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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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digging out from a disastrous storm. >> i could not believe that the streets were not ploughed. >> 7 is on your side with how the plows showed up after we did. the new retail store striking the region. >> saturday was the day and we
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did not have that day. at a 7 year old's question after a surprise visit from the president. >> only on 7, what the little boy said after that big event. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. we begin tonight with eight -- 48 hours after the fiercest storm on the record books. dozens of school closings for tomorrow. first, here is the list. new tonight, anne arundel and howard county schools, montgomery, prince george's, st. mary's county will be closed tomorrow. allegheny county will be closed -- open two hours late. in virginia --
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in west virginia -- now we have live team coverage, beginning with jay korff glue has a look at the problems we are facing tonight. >> countless cars continue to be buried in deep snow. the immediate concern for most folks, and in springfield, this check it out. right now this is slushy ice. butith the refreeze this could be a real issue and the date -- the coming day or two. limited gas, and no way out. >> it is treacherous. >> it has been that kind of the monday. >> i do not know what to do to getut. >> a car pulled out in front of her in springfield. her only option was driving into a snowbank. >> he did not even stop. he looked at me and kept going. >> not enough fuel is the
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problem that area gas stations. >> all three of them had no gas. >> tanker truck deliveries have been delayed due to roped -- road conditions. >> with no gas, we are not making no money. >> they drove all we ought to a distributor in baltimore to restock his shovels. >> half were out the door before -- in a few hours. those who live on venture drive in alexandria -- >> the quick and cannot get in here. >> when we showed up, no one had plowed the street. it was impossible. residents told us the development was so new that it was not the responsibility of the county or state to clear it. they could not get an answer from the developer. >> you could not get through this mess. you could not. >> we have got some encouraging
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news. we found out a short time ago that after a lot of telephone calls, the developer did it come out and i am told that a fabulous job on clearing that particular road. the other good news is that jessica's car was dugout by several good samaritans. sidestreets remain a problem for people who live and work in the district. d.c. officials are asking for volunteers tonight to shovel sidewalks in iraq -- walkways. federal employees will head back to work tomorrow. the federal government will be on unscheduled leave. the d.c. mayor says the main roads will be clear and ready to go tomorrow. 7 is on your side with the other big problem that many of us are facing -- mayehm at the mall. we were at fair oaks mall tonight. you'll see the shot there. a microcosm of the problems
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here. cynee simpson is live in alexandria with the latest. >> shoppers at potomac yard are having to navigate around some pretty serious snow mounds. that does not seem to be stping anyone. with three shopping days left, people are making those lists and checking them twice. the blizzard is passed but there is another storm brewing -- frantic shoppers. >> we are flying by the seat of our pants. >> we thought we would get our shopping done this weekend, so we are here tonight to shop. >> after spending the weekend and doors, shoppers are ready to go. >> i have not been out of the house until today. it feels good to smell the air. >> now beginning to parking lots filled with mounds of snow, ice and slush is a slow process. >> it looks like we are in
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antarctic up. snow is ever were. >> the parking lot is full and the stores are full and the shelves are bare. >> she knew that shoppers would be out tonight, but she was not prepared for this bird >> is chaotic. >> so she is heading home to get out of the cold. for many, this season for shopping is just warming up/ >> we have to go to pentagon city and tysons corner. we have so many places to go. >> people are still taking advantage of these extended holiday hours at target, but one thing you should be aware of, particularly to potomac yard, about 1/4 of the parking spaces are taken up by snow. if you are heading out, you need to plan to have a little extra patients. live in alexandria, cynee simpson. >> the problem is not just at the malls or the stores. the salvation army's holiday
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fund-raising drive is being hit by this. they are trying to meet their goal of $1.5 million for the year. for more details on how you could help, just log on to our web site as for our weather right now on our first night of winter,t remains cold out there. doug hill is here now with what is to come. >> this is a refreeze. as you look at our temperatures in our weatherbug network, you look at that cloud cover. you're seeing a rapid drop in temperatures. they have dropped from 32 degrees in the last hour. these numbers will fall to just below freezing. tomorrow it will be an icy go of it with partly cloudy skies. if it looks wet, chances are it is really nice. we will talk about what to expect and about a big western
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storm. that could have an effect on us by christmas eve night. the most important thing is just remember why we celebrate christmas. >> coming up next, the president makes an unexpected visit to a boys' and girls' club. his holiday message. school is cancelled. businesses are shut down, but the redskins played tonight and guess who showed up? i will have your answer coming up.
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monday night madness at fedex field. news choppers seven was out at the stadium as thousands brave this note and went out to see the game against the new york giants. the fans faced a unique set of hurdles, including limited parking.
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a look at some of the struggles that fans dealt with before they were even getting to their seats. >> i am standing on one of those many hurdles. this is at least three or four feet of snow. this is thanks to the snowplows that cleared the parking lots. that did not stop redskins fans. they packed fedex field tonight. despite massive amounts of snow and frigid temperatures -- >> it is a football weather. >> the crowd rallied for their team. >> we brought our heaters. lots of good, hot food, barbecue. >> he drove all away from lancaster. >> what did you think about the job getting rid of this note? >> i think they did an awesome job. more than i expected. >> tailgating continuedutside.
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>> i came prepared. thank the u.s. government. >> hand warmers and he lamps were ever were. an estimated 25 million pounds of the white uff was moved in time for kick off. >> they did fine as far as i could see. >> turns out santana and clinton portis agree. >> i think they did a great job. i had to pay twice tget my driveway cleared up. >> what is not fair is the traffic seen. cars were bumper-to-bumper. it does not get much worse than that. >> pedestrians are out in the middle of the street because sidewalks are blocked off. it is a mess. >> you are now seeing part two of the mess. the redskins are losing 45-12 to the new york giants. we have pedestrians in the roadway, because there is no on
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the sidewalk. as we are approaching 202, we have cars exiting fedex field. it is also -- the temperatures are dropping. we have ice in the parking lots. this could be a dangerous situation as the fans tried to leave the field. we have prince george's county police on standby. everyone is being urged to take their time and to watch out for all of these fans on the sidewalks. >> you be careful getting back here. brittany murphy's sudden death. you tonight, what we learn about her final days. a little boy's question for the president and the promise he made to the commander in chief. th
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. it could be weeks before we know exactly to what led to brittany murphy's death. they performed an autopsy earlier today. preliminary reports say the 32- year-old collapsed and died at the heart attack on sunday.
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family members said she had flu like symptoms in the days before her death. the to prescription medications out for home as part of the investigation. te we are mourning the loss of jim clarke, one of our abc 7 at family. those who know him would not be surprised to know that he died after helping his neighbor shovel snow over the weekend. he worked as a reporter here, premier reporter for more than 40 years before retiring in 2003. he was a devoted husband and father. 75 years old. he will be missed. to the latest on the showdown over health care reform. the republicans are fighting back against the latest vote in the senate. michael steele says the democrats are thumbing their noses at the american people. the american medical association is coming out in support of the senate bill. the final vote is expected to
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come on christmas eve. the white house has released this photograph of the president getting his dose of the h1n1 vaccine. he got his shot yesterday. the president says the entire first family has been vaccinated, including his daughters and michelle obama. president obama is at the center of a story that you will see only on abc 7 news. a 7-year-old boys peace with us after getting a chance to speak with the president. the president made quite an impression there. >> what was it like meeting the president? >> it was fine. >> about 25 children got a big surprise just days before christmas. >> cheese! >> he is not quite santa claus, but they were very excited to see the president. >> i think you have to have some cookies now. >> he brought christmas cookies
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shaped like the first dog, beau. >> outside we saw several -- >> he read "polar express." and feel that this tough question. the answers ranged from i ipods -- >> what ever happened for asking for a bite? >> he offered the president something of his own. >> [inaudible] >> are you a pretty good foos eball player? i hate getting beat. >> do you think you can beat the president? >> yes. i am very good. >> i met the president, dad. >> it was a great time to get to meet the president of the united states. >> i had fun and the cookies were delicious.
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>> that kid would be telling his grandkids that he talked smack to the president. we will not have so much fun in the morning with slipping and sliding. daytime temperatures will get above freezing and then in the snow melts and that refreeze is at night. late christmas eve night or christmas morning, maybe some freezing rain. weatherbug. outside wtop studios, 32 degrees. we are down to freezing in the district and all the -- -- all the areas. look for the refreeze to begin as we speak. in beltsville, 29. stafford, 25. it is colder celt of the district because they have clear skies. -- it is colder south of the district because they have clear skies.
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cloud cover and 35 degrees in martinsburg. at reagan national, 41 was the high. nighttime friezes take away what melts during the day and glazes and over at night. boley is at 30 degrees -- bowie is at 30 degrees. 20's to the north. this is the part of the country to keep an eye on 57 degrees in dallas. we have a storm center coming. we will find ourselves on the eastern fringes of that storm late christmas eve night and christmas morning the storm is still back to the west. at the same time, this storm is moving eastward and warmer air will move up ahead of it. we may find ourselves in a situation where we see sleet or freezing rain on christmas eve night. we will watch that the next few days. our weather map for tomorrow, and for wednesday, will feature
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sunshine. temperatures in the 30's. some of the snowmelt. but overnight, it will refreeze. christmas eve, that is the day that all attention is to look out west to the storm. what we will deal with is rain. it could begin as sleet or freezing rain west of town late thursday night into friday morning. then on christmas day, the warm air is moving. you say, we are off the hook. not so much. we could have localized flooding. we will keep an eye on it for you. it is not a done deal. there is the express -- sunshine, a 30's tomorrow. we will call for slowly increasing temperatures, may be somewhat brief by its late thursday night early friday morning. more melting, but nighttime freezing. >> rain?
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>> the thinker's alan likes the show? >> -- do you think bruce alan likes this show? >> an embarrassing performance by
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the new york giants need a win to stay in the playoffs. they played with a lot of the motion, while the redskins had nothing to play for and looks like it. embarrassing performance. the redskins are getting clobbered. i get it -- i got a chance to speak with an espn analyst about the future of the redskins with the new general manager. >> i think the redskins a fortunate to have a guy like bruce allen who will stabilize the organization. he will get a coach and that will understand what football is about in washington. that is a winning program. >> what do see for the future? >>. probably the only guy who knows
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what will happen is priscilla. fight -- he will bring a strong leader in. -- bruce allen. coule it be jim zorn? only time will tell. i think it will happen soon. >> they now trail 45-12 late in the game. at the cleveland browns hired mike holmgren as the coach. the deal could mean a return to the sidelines. he could even bring in as general manager. he is 61-years old. details are to be worked out. the dallas cowboys have hired former redskin kicker. you remember east -- he missed two field goals on december -- november 19. he will have the chance to beat washington next sunday at fedex field. the nationals had made a free agent acquisition.
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markee agreed to a two-year deal. he was an all-star last season. she was 15-13 in the last two seasons. the red flag is that this will be the fifth team he has played for since joining a major in 2000. the nationals have needed this presence. at the redskins performance is awful. the new general manager got a great look at the great field for the coaches and players. changes are coming, sooner than later. mike shanahan will be here before you know. we will wait to see what they're doing with jim missouri. >> you are betting on shanahan? >> he cannot come. >> ( music: the boy least likely to / be gentle (with me) plays )
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